United Lacrosse Association is the premiere place to play lacrosse in Kansas City if you live in the Jackson County and surrounding Kansas City area. We service Kansas City, Lees Summit, Blue Springs, Independence, Lone Jack, RayPec (Raymore Peculiar)

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Game Day Volunteers  

Estimated Time Commitment: Few hours each Game Day.  Positions range from Scorekeeper/Timekeeper for all youth, and JV/Varsity High School games to possible concessions for High School Games.  We expect ALL parents to volunteer for a game day position unless they choose the donation buyout option during registration.


Year Round Volunteer Positions


Inventory Manager 

Estimated Time Commitment: Few hours in summer conducting inventory and putting together Amazon and STX order list for next season.  Put together potential orders for ULA Executive Board review and approval at the fall meeting.  Position is for 1 year active management and 1 additional year of assistance for the incomming position holder.

Description: Inventory Managerr maintains United Lacrosse Association equipment to support practices and games.  The inventory is located in the ULA storage container at Paradise Park.  This is the supply chain to keep ULA running during the season.  It provides a "WOW" experience for the Field Manager and Coaches so they can focus on youth coaching and game day field setup.

How To Do It: 

  • Maintain supplies in ULA storage container behind Paradise Park
  • Ensure the following is adequately stocked
    • Lacrosse Balls (white for boys and yellow for girls)
    • Game Clocks, batteries, and extra batteries (AAA)
    • Pens
    • Clipboards
    • Cones
    • First Aid Kits
    • Ice Packs
    • White Athletic Tape
    • Heavy Duty Zip Ties and nylon stretch cord loops
    • Mouth Pieces
  • Ensure lacrosse goals have good nets in the fall of post season so that they are good to go for Spring.
  • Recommend purchases to the ULA Executive Board during the fall meeting, prior to season, and during the season.  Look to STX, Amazon, sportstop.com, and lacrossemonkey.com.  Check pricing with KC Lacrosse Shop if we are able to purchase local.
  • Ensure we have an ample inventory of uniforms for the Youth and High School teams.  Coordinate with ULA Executive Board to order more.
  • Ensure we have an ample inventory of helmet stickers for the High School teams
  • Ensure we have an ample inventory of sticks and goggles for girls players to purchase.
  • Try to keep youth and high school players in white helmets.
  • Inventory and maintain Rental Equipment (helmets, gloves, shoulder pads, arm pads, sticks)


Youth Scheduling Contact 

Estimated Time Commitment: An annual youth scheduling meeting is held a few weeks prior to season start.  Youth Scheduling Contact (Assignor) will gather information from all United youth teams to include blackout dates and field availability and will attend the meeting to help create game schedules with other league clubs and the overall Youth Assignor. An additional 15 to 30 minutes per week is required to ensure all game schedules oeprate smothly and to handle any game cancellations and/or rain outs with other league clubs schedulers and the Officials Assignor.  Position is for 1 year active management and 1 additional year of assistance for the incomming position holder.  This job is the backbone for the youth of ULA.  Scheduling games ensures the youth in our communities have the opportunity to play Lacrosse.  High School coaches will handle scheduling and schedule changes for High School games.

How To Do It:

  • Understand Youth Operating Policy, specifically the scheduling portion and timelines for the upcomming season.
  • Gather Coach/Team blackout dates (that they CAN'T be available for games).
  • Email Youth Scheduler identifying yourself as the United Scheduler/Assignor on or before February 1 along with blackout dates from Coaches.
  • Review League schedule with Coaches, identifying any dates that ned to be changed.
  • Attend Youth Scheduling meeting
  • Follor Youth cancellation policy contained in the Youth Operating Policy
  • Notify Coaches/Teams/Officials of scheduling changes.


Photography Coordinator 

Estimated Time Commitment: Few hours in Fall doing due dilligence to find photographers.  Few hours just prior to season setting up photo dates. Couple hours after photos arrive.  Responsible for scheduling team photo days for boys and girls.  Position is for 1 year active management and 1 additional year of assistance for the incomming position holder.  Creating memories of those sports moments for families is a part of the youth and high school sports experience.  Coordination of pictures makes those moments a reality.

How To Do It:

  • Recommend photography company (if needed) to ULA Executive Board around January just prior to season.
  • Contact chosen ULA photography company to schedule photo days and retakes.
  • Gather and share information with ULA Teams and Coaches to include instructions for photo days and flyers for additional photo purchases.
  • Coordinate with Coaches/Teams for photo pickup.


Field Manager  

Estimated Time Commitment: Few hours in Fall to forecast field requirements.  Appx 20 to 30 minutes per week during season ensuring game day items are in storage containers at approrpaite fields.  Position is for 1 year active management and 1 additional year of assistance for the incomming position holder.

  • Contact LSR7 Facilities in early November to reserve fields for the next season and to have fields lined and re-lined as needed (boys and girls) - see United field diagram on documents page.
  • Maintain each Field Box at Campbell Middle School for Youth Games (2 to 3 total)  We typically use 1 field at a time during the regular season but can use multiple if needed.
    • Container with 6 copies of each youth scoresheet/roster (teams will use these on game day as their rosters.
    • 9 good quality lacrosse balls
    • 2 game clocks, batteries, and extra batteries (AAA)
    • Pens/Pencils
    • Clipboard
    • 10 Cones
    • First Aid Kit and Ice Packs
    • 1 roll of athletic tape
    • Ensure Game Tables have laminated "League Cheat Sheets" taped to them for Officials and Table Use, showing time and rules adjustments per age division.
    • Ensure field signs are posted prior to season/games.
    • Coaches of the FIRST game of the day are responsible for field setup.  Coaches of the LAST game of the day are responsible for field tear down and clean up.
  • High School Coaches will maintain field equipment for games held at LSN or LSHS